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The CARLab studies community psychology, political psychology, and their intersection.

We explore issues pertinent to the wellbeing–broadly defined–of our city and its residents, strive to make life easier and better for as many people as possible, with as little resources as possible.

Currently our lab is working on multiple projects. Quite often our work leads us to unfamiliar territories, both physical (e.g., Tacloban) and intellectual. We employ a wide range of research methodologies, including online and lab experiments, longitudinal questionnaires, randomized trials, as well as qualitative interviews.

Our current projects

Post-Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda recovery

Charlie Labarda

We are collaborating with Philippines NGOs to provide psychological relief to survivors of Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda in Tacloban. We hope to develop a brief mental health evaluation inventory to more efficiently identify at-risk individuals.

Christian Zheng Sheng College program evaluation study

Cyanea Poon

We are conducting an ongoing, multiwave longitudinal study of Zheng Sheng's school-based rehabilitation program. We are examining a number of psychosocial factors that contribute to changes in drug-related cognition, attitude, and behaviors, and positive development in general.

Social Identity and Collective Action

Dr. Christian Chan

We are conducting a mixed-methods, longitudinal study to examine the antecedents of collective action in the context of Hong Kong. In particular, we are interested in the dynamic relationship between politicized identification and participation in normative and non-normative (radical) collective action.

Correctional Services

Jacklyn Leung

In collaboration with the Correctional Services Department of Hong Kong (CSD), we are investigating the psychosocial changes exhibited by young offenders during their incarceration period.

Psychotherapy and Psychoeducation smartphone apps development

Dr. Christian Chan

We have developed a web-based app for psychotherapy, proACT. We are currently pilot testing the app to further improve its functionality. We are also developing a self-help version of the app ("proACT-S"), as well as an app that facilitates face-to-face play between parents and their children, tentatively called “Plaily”.

Intergroup Apology and Stereotypes

Arya Awale

We are conducting a series of experiments that examine the social cognitive processes underlying intergroup conflicts. In particular, we are interested in how our socio-cognitive perception of an apologizing group affects the extent to which we accept their apology and forgive them.


Katy Tam

We are conducting a series of studies using various research methods to explore the interplay of boredom, meaning and behaviors. In particular, we are interested to find out how meaning affects the way people cope with boredom.

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