Dr. Christian S. Chan

I am an assistant professor of clinical psychology at HKU's Department of Psychology. I received a BA in psychology from McGill University and a MA and an APA-accredited PhD in clinical psychology from University of Massachusetts Boston. My clinical training was completed at Cambridge Health Alliance/Harvard Medical School and New York Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical College. I study disaster and mental health, positive youth development, and intergroup relations.

Research Postgraduate Students

Charlie Labarda

I am a medical doctor and trained in Family Medicine and Community Medicine in the Philippine General Hospital of the Philippines. For the last several years I taught at an innovative medical program of the University of the Philippines (Manila) to train physicians to serve in far-flung and poor communities. I was also adjunct professor at the University of the Philippines (Visayas) in the Social Science Division. In the aftermath of our experiences during Typhoon Haiyan, we got opportunities to engage in disaster response activities and studies. My research interest lies at the interface of disaster mental health, community health and public health psychology. Dr. Chan and I are doing a longitudinal study to look at the long-term mental consequences of Typhoon Haiyan on affected communities. We hope to test models of community health interventions meant to address post-disaster public health challenges, particularly in the area of mental health.

Jacklyn Leung

This is currently my sixth year at the University of Hong Kong, and third year working with Dr. Chan. After graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, I decided to accumulate more research experience before embarking on my next academic journey, and joined the CARLab team as a research assistant. In the two years as an RA at this lab, my knowledge in the field of psychology deepened and I acquired many useful skills regarding statistics and research. I am now matriculated in the Master of Philosophy program with Dr. Chan as my supervisor. In collaboration with the Hong Kong Correctional Services Department, I will be investigating psychosocial factors predictive of offender recidivism.

Research Assistants

Cyanea Poon

I completed my undergraduate degree at Wheaton College, IL in the United States. I studied and received honors with a major in psychology and a minor in communications. During the last year of my studies, I completed an internship in Thailand working with young women who are victims of sex trafficking and abuse. This internship facilitated the completion of my independent study on the topic of home for this population. Currently I am working with Dr. Chan on the Zheng Sheng project investigating the processes of positive youth development. When I am not in the research lab, I enjoy reading a good book, canoeing, or hiking.

Katy Tam

I am a recent graduate from HKU, majoring in Psychology and Counseling. During my last year of studies, I completed a thesis project examining the interplay of boredom, meaning and smartphone use under the supervision of Dr. Chan, which has sparked my interest in conducting experimental research. Currently I am working with Dr. Chan on the boredom projects. Outside work in the lab, I like drawing.

Current Students


Charlie Labarda
Jacklyn Leung
Vivian Kwong
Gigi Yuen


Neil Chan
Marco Wan
Hanna Wong

Former Students


Arya Awale (M.Phil)
Fiona Ho (Ph.D)
Kristen Tang (M.SocSc)
Suki Cheung (M.SocSc)
Venus Wong (M.SocSc)
Vivian Yeung (M.SocSc)
Terrance Tam (M.SocSc)
Thresa Ng (M.SocSc)
Sarah Fung (M.SocSc)
Ada Cheung (PCpsyc)


Chi Yueng Yau
Spencer Lam
Jenny Wong
Alan Fan
Louis Wang
Victor Li
Phoebe Kwok
Angie Wakefield
Pauline Chau
Christie Lam
Nikita Banga
Melody Tsui
Lydia Luk


Spring 2018

Kristopher Cheng
Afra Mok
Colman Tse
Wilson Yeung

Fall 2017

Elaine Lai
Brian Fung
Angela Yi
Wilson Yeung

Summer 2017

Abby Cheung
Alison Ma
Malcolm Wong
Ada Tsang

Spring 2017

Elvina Boedi
Niklas Cedenhem
Vinci Chan
Jason Lau

Fall 2016

Marco Wan
Nora Wong
Jovita Yeung

Summer 2016

Brian Ching
Zelig Chan
Sisley Chau
Heidi Chau
Keith Chiu

Spring 2016

Alex Specking
Christy Lee
Alison Ma
Mandy Lam
Fredrick Chan