Project: Zheng Sheng

Christian Zheng Sheng College: a private school that aims to correct young drug offenders


Brief Introduction

Christian Zheng Sheng College provides rehabilitation services to youth with a history of substance abuse and drug-related crimes. Staff, teachers, and students live together in the college to form a therapeutic community in order to help the students. Although Christian Zheng Sheng College has attracted public attention and support, limited resources are provided directly to the teachers and staff who also need psychological support.

Study 1: Program evaluation


We are conducting an ongoing, multiwave longitudinal study of Zheng Sheng's school-based rehabilitation program. We are examining a number of psychosocial factors that contribute to changes in drug-related cognition, attitude, and behaviors, and positive development in general. We are especially interested in how solitude, and silence in general, will influence the youths' development. Thus far, nine waves of data have been collected. Students will help with data collection, data entry, and model development.

Study 2: Taking care of the caretakers

Zheng Sheng College is located in a relatively isolated island off of HK. Teachers at ZS are required to stay multiple nights at the college weekly, away from their home and family. This arrangement creates stress on both the teachers and staff, as well as their family members. This project seeks to provide mental health support and basic psychological knowledge and therapeutic skills to the teachers and staff of ZS. The module will include psycho-education on stress and coping, relaxation training, and mindfulness and compassion training. We also wish to serve the family members of the ZS teachers and staff. We hope that the service will directly support the staff at ZS and indirectly benefit the youth at ZS.