We would like to make the following announcement: 

With effect from 19 February 2019,

  1. The HKT registered user status of Ms Zanonia Chiu Sze Nga, Clinical Psychologist has been terminated; and
  2. The loan of the following two tests to the Wellness Psychological Consultancy Service Ltd. has been suspended:

Test 1:  The Hong Kong Test of Specific Learning Difficulties in Reading and Writing for Primary School Students (Third Edition) [HKT-P(III)]; and

Test 2:  The Hong Kong Test of Specific Learning Difficulties in Reading and Writing for Junior Secondary School Students (Second Edition) [HKT-JS(II)]

Despite our repeated reminders, Ms Chiu failed to abide by the signed agreement by returning the HKT-P(III) and HKT-JS(II) on loan to her after the stipulated loan period.  Since the stock of the HKT tests is limited, we have to ensure that the tests are made equally available to other registered users when required.  

The test batteries, HKT-P(III) and HKT-JS(II) are supplied on loan basis to organizations with registered users free of charge.  Long-term loan is offered to organizations offering direct psychological services to children and youth on a regular basis, such as school-based educational psychology services and government departments.  Organizations which do not offer direct psychological services to children and youth on a regular basis, or those of a private practice nature can apply for the tests on short-term loan, which is in principle renewable.  If there is a queue for short-term loan, a waiting time might be incurred.  Penalty will be imposed for loan overdue, including a weekly fine and removal from the list of HKT registered users.  The loan of HKT to the organization involved will also be suspended.  Such actions are necessary in order to safeguard the interest of all other registered users. 

The Hong Kong Specific Learning Difficulties Research Team


Below is a list of HKT registered users with their contact information listed at the time of registration approval. Our research team is not responsible for updating their contact information. (Last updated:10 Feb 2021)

Title Registered User of HKT Profession
Dr.Au AlmaCP
Ms.Au Kin Fung IvyEP
Ms.Au Mei LinEP
Ms.Au Oi Na AnnaEP
Ms.Au Pui KiEP
Ms.Au Wing Nam JudithEP
Ms.Au Yeung Nga Yee IreneCP
Dr.Bao Xue HuaEP
Ms.Chak Guinevere SophiaEP
Mr.Chak Kin Wah ChristopherEP
Mr.Chan Bing HangCP
Ms.Chan Chee Ping JeanieCP
Ms.Chan Cheuk Mun EP
Ms.Chan Ching King MayEP
Ms.Chan Ching Yin JennyEP
Ms.Chan Choi Ngan SliverCP
Mr.Chan Chun Man HermanEP
Mr.Chan Chun WaiCP
Ms.Chan Fung Yee JoanCP
Ms.Chan Fung Ying RachelEP
Ms.Chan Hak Man ChristineCP
Ms.Chan HeidiCP
Ms.Chan Hiu HungCP
Ms.Chan Hiu Kwan KarenEP
Ms.Chan Hoi ChingCP
Ms.Chan Hoi KaCP
Mr.Chan Hoi Sing PeterCP
Ms.Chan Holing SarahCP
Mr.Chan Hon ChuenCP
Ms.Chan Hsiao MandyCP
Mr.Chan IanEP
Ms.Chan Ka Po JessicaCP
Ms.Chan Ka WingEP
Ms.Chan Ka Wing PatriciaCP
Ms.Chan Kai YiCP
Mr.Chan Kam Chung StanleyEP
Mr.Chan Ki FongEP
Dr.Chan Kin Yuen CalaisCP
Ms.Chan Kit Bing SumeeCP
Ms.Chan Kit SangEP
Ms.Chan Kwok Ying CharlotteCP
Ms.Chan Lok YanEP
Ms.Chan Man Kuen SoniaEP
Dr.Chan Mee Yee CeciliaCP
Ms.Chan Mee FungCP
Ms.Chan Mee Yin BeckyCP
Ms.Chan Mei KwanCP
Ms.Chan Nga YanCP
Ms.Chan Nok Ting NatalieEP
Chan Pui Lam DerekCP
Ms.Chan Pui Shan VivienCP
Ms.Chan Sau Wai ElaineEP
Ms.Chan Sau YanEP
Ms.Chan Shuk Ming EvaEP
Mr.Chan Shun Kit CharlesEP
Mr.Chan Shun LeungEP
Ms.Chan Sin KanEP
Mr.Chan Siu KanEP
Ms.Chan Sui HingEP
Ms.Chan Sui HungEP
Ms.Chan Sui Yu CatherineEP
Ms.Chan Tin LaiEP
Mr.Chan Tsz KitEP
Ms.Chan Tsz TingCP
Mr.Chan Wah Tak WalterEP
Ms.Chan Wai Chan MandyEP
Ms.Chan Wai Foon RonaEP
Mr.Chan Wai KitEP
Mr.Chan Wai Kwong AlfredCP
Dr.Chan Wai LanEP
Mr.Chan Wai Lok DanielCP
Ms.Chan Wai Man MichelleEP
Ms.Chan Wai SzeEP
Ms.Chan Wan Ling WinnieCP
Ms.Chan Weng SanEP
Ms.Chan Wing Chi KarliCP
Ms.Chan Wing Ling WinningCP
Ms.Chan Wing SauEP
Ms.Chan Wing Yan WinnieCP
Ms.Chan Wing YeeEP
Ms.Chan Wing Yee MichelleCP
Ms.Chan Wing YingEP
Mr.Chan Won Shing RaymondCP
Dr.Chan Yat HungEP
Ms.Chan YawenCP
Ms.Chan Yin WaiEP
Ms.Chan Ying HoEP
Mr.Chan Yiu KeeCP
Ms.Chan Yuek Hang ViennaEP
Ms.Chan Yuen Mei Wan WinnieEP
Ms.Chan Yuet Wah KatherineEP
Mr.Chan Yuk LunCP
Ms.Chan Yuk Yee CatherineEP
Dr.Chan AgnesCP
Ms.Chan CindyCP
Ms.Chang Suk Yi SoniaCP
Ms.Chau MinnaCP
Mr.Cheang Man Lit LeoEP
Ms.Chen Yuk Ki TheresaCP
Ms.Chen Nga TingEP
Ms.Cheng Hoi Lee ReginaCP
Ms.Cheng Ka Wai CarrieCP
Mr.Cheng Kin Wing SammyCP
Dr.Cheng Lai Fung GordonCP
Ms.Cheng Mei Heung AgnesEP
Ms.Cheng Po Kwan JamieCP
Dr.Cheng Pui WanEP
Ms.Cheng Tsz YanEP
Mr.Cheng Vergo Kwong YinEP
Ms.Cheng Wan Yee VennieEP
Ms.Cheng Wing YanCP
Ms.Cheng Wai SumEP
Ms.Cheng Wai YinEP
Ms.Cheng Yu YanEP
Dr.Cheng Yuk Fai SamEP
Ms.Cheung Amanda KingszeCP
Mr.Cheung Ching KongCP
Ms.Cheung Hau Yee RioEP
Ms.Cheung Ka ChaiCP
Mr.Cheung Ka Chun IvanEP
Ms.Cheung Ka Na KarinaEP
Ms.Cheung Lok KiEP
Dr.Cheung M. FannyCP
Mr.Cheung Man Ban WilliamCP
Ms.Cheung Man Ching JasmineCP
Ms.Cheung Man TungEP
Dr.Cheung Mei ChunCP
Ms.Cheung Ming LaiEP
Ms.Cheung Pui Yee PollyCP
Ms.Cheung Siu Wan EmilyCP
Ms.Cheung Sui Ki SukiEP
Ms.Cheung Sze KiCP
Ms.Cheung Tsui YeeEP
Ms.Cheung Wai LamEP
Ms.Cheung Wing Sze IreneCP
Ms.Cheung Wing Yun RebeccaCP
Ms.Cheung Yan YanCP
Mr.Cheung Yat MingEP
Ms.Cheung Yee PingEP
Ms.Chew Po Ling LindaCP
Ms.Chik Ying YingEP
Ms.Chin YuCP
Ms.Chin Yuen WaiEP
Mr.Ching Wing TakEP
Ms.Chiu Chee Ching CrystalEP
Ms.Chiu Chung ManEP
Ms.Chiu Lai Yi ElsaEP
Ms.Chiu Shuk Mui BethCP
Ms.Chiu Shuk YinCP
Ms.Chiu Tsz KiEP
Ms.Chiu Wai KeiCP
Ms.Chiu Wai Yan VivianCP
Ms.Chiu Yet See JanetEP
Ms.Cho Wan Chi ValdaCP
Ms.Chong Sui ChingCP
Ms.Chong Wing ChiEP
Mr.Choi Chun TaiEP
Ms.Choi Kit Yan DebbieEP
Ms.Choi Man NgaEP
Ms.Choi Ming KwanCP
Ms.Choi Nam Fung AmyEP
Mr.Choi Poi KiEP
Ms.Choi Shuk PingEP
Mr.Choi Wa ChiCP
Ms.Choi Wae Yee WendyEP
Ms.Choi Wai YanCP
Ms.Choi Wing Man ElizabethCP
Ms.Choi Yee KiEP
Mr.Choi Yu HongCP
Ms.Chow Ah MiEP
Ms.Chow Hoi Sze DaisyCP
Mr.Chow Hoi TingCP
Dr.Chow Ka WaiCP
Mr.Chow Lut Kwan EP
Ms.Chow Mei LingEP
Mr.Chow Phyllips ChapmanEP
Ms.Chow Sau YanCP
Chow Yeung Kam FungEP
Ms.Chow Ying KwanEP
Ms.Choy Ching Ho HarrietEP
Ms.Choy E Hang EuniceEP
Ms.Choy Shan Shan SusannaCP
Mr.Chu Ho Tat MatthewEP
Ms.Chu Hoi Yen IvyEP
Ms.Chu Ka Lai JoanneCP
Ms.Chu Lai SimCP
Ms.Chu Lai YeeCP
Ms.Chui Hoi YanCP
Ms.Chui Yuk LanCP
Mr.Chung Chi LokEP
Ms.Chung Chi MuiCP
Ms.Chung Hei ShunEP
Ms.Chung Ka KiEP
Ms.Chung Ng Lai Kuen HannahCP
Ms.Chung Pui Kei GloriaEP
Ms.Chung Wai HungCP
Mr.Chung Wai Ming LaurenceCP
Ms.Chung Yin KwanCP
Mr.Dai Wai TongEP
Ms.Drummond SarinaCP
Ms.Fan Chun YanEP
Ms.Fan Pui HangEP
Ms.Fok Hoi Lam EllenEP
Ms.Fok Oi MingEP
Ms.Fok Yam Kate AndreaEP
Mrs.Fong Ma Sau Kuen JaniceEP
Ms.Fong Siu Wai ScarletCP
Ms.Fu KeiCP
Fung Ching Shan SusanCP
Fung Ka YimCP
Ms.Fung Kam ShanEP
Ms.Fung Man HongEP
Ms.Fung Sau Kiu SarahCP
Ms.Hang Kit Ling KhloeEP
Ms.He YuequnCP
Ho CandaceCP
Mr.Ho Chung Wai TomCP
Ms.Ho Fai Ling VaniaEP
Dr.Ho Ka PoCP
Ms.Ho Ka WaiEP
Ms.Ho Lok Yin VanessaEP
Ms.Ho Man Ling JoyceEP
Dr.Ho Mun Yin SamuelCP
Mr.Ho Sai KeungEP
Ms.Ho Shu TingEP
Ms.Ho Sin Hang LisaCP
Ms.Ho Sin TingEP
Ms.Ho Siu Ying SalinaCP
Ms.Ho Sze Man GladysCP
Dr.Ho Tak Fong IreneEP
Ms.Ho Ting YanEP
Ms.Ho Yim ChiEP
Ms.Ho Wing YeeCP
Ms.Hon Yuen WaEP
Mr.Hong Sui LungCP
Ms.Hong Yee WaCP
Ms.Hsu Shih-Ju LucyEP
Ms.Hsu Yik KwanCP
Ms.Huang Hai YenCP
Ms.Hue Chui HaEP
Ms.Hui Chi Wing Josephine CP
Dr.Hui K. P. EadaoinEP
Ms.Hui Kit Sum VeronicaEP
Ms.Hui Oi Lin IreneCP
Ms.Hung Miu YeeEP
Dr.Hung Suk Mei DamarisCP
Mr.Hung Wai Kuen RickieEP
Ms.Ip Fong Lap FloraEP
Ms.Ip JacquelineEP
Mr.Ip Kim ChingCP
Ms.Ip Lai Yin FrancisCP
Ms.Ip Miu Yin SarahCP
Ms.Ip Po Ki AdeleyEP
Ms.Ip Pui YanEP
Mr.Ip Yee TingCP
Ms.Ip Yuen Nar YonCP
Ms.Iu Hor Yee KeyneCP
Dr.Jang StephenCP
Dr.Kam Chi MingEP
Ms.Kam Hei ManCP
Ms.Kan Hei TungEP
Ms.Kan Lai ChiEP
Dr.Keung WinnieCP
Ms.Keung Yuen ChingEP
Ms.Keung Yuen NaiCP
Ms.Ki Wing YeeCP
Ms.Ko AmyEP
Dr.Ko Helen Hoi LamCP
Mr.Kong Chi ChiuCP
Mr.Kong Ka Wai Paul CP
Ms.Kong Mo Yee Maureen CP
Ms.Kong Tsui Yan JennyEP
Dr.Kot KatherineCP
Ms.Ku Wai ShanEP
Mr.Kung Chi KitEP
Ms.Kung PriscillaEP
Ms.Kung Wing YanCP
Ms.Kwan Chi Bing MaryCP
Ms.Kwan Hiu FaiCP
Mr.Kwan Hong WangEP
Dr.Kwan IvyEP
Ms.Kwan Sau KuenCP
Mr.Kwok Chak YanCP
Ms.Kwok Chung Sze CP
Ms.Kwok Fong Pui CP
Ms.Kwok Pik San KathleenCP
Ms.Kwok Pui Ling AmyCP
Ms.Kwok Suk YingEP
Ms.Kwok Tsz YingCP
Ms.Kwok Tung Ting NatashaEP
Ms.Kwok Wai WaiCP
Dr.Kwok Wai Yee AliceCP
Ms.Kwok Wing KiCP
Mr.Kwong Hiu FungCP
Mrs.Kwong Lau Wai Yee AliceEP
Ms.Kwong Wing YinCP
Ms.Lai Cheng Chey Gea AliceEP
Ms.Lai Hiu WaiCP
Ms.Lai Ng Man Yee JasmineEP
Ms.Lai Shuk Mei AngelaEP
Mr.Lai Yu Lim JamesEP
Ms.Lai Yuen KwanCP
Ms.Lai Wing Yee RobbyCP
Ms.Lai Winnifred Wan HeiEP
Ms.Lam Chi KwanCP
Ms.Lai Chi Yan VivianEP
Ms.Lai WinkieEP
Ms.Lam Choi YanCP
Ms.Lam Fung Yu MagdelenaEP
Mr.Lam Ho Ming AlexCP
Ms.Lam Ho Yan JoyceEP
Ms.Lam Kit Yee IrisCP
Mr.Lam Kwan HungEP
Ms.Lam LingCP
Ms.Lam Lok ManCP
Mr.Lam Long ChunEP
Ms.Lam Mei Oi LourdesEP
Ms.Lam Nga LaiCP
Ms.Lam ReneeEP
Mr.Lam Rosti AndyEP
Ms.Lam Sau ChingEP
Dr.Lam Shui FongEP
Ms.Lam Shui Mun TracyCP
Ms.Lam Siu Ngar SaraCP
Dr.Lam Sui Bik BrendaCP
Ms.Lam Sze Ching CiciEP
Ms.Lam Sze Ching MinervaCP
Ms.Lam Tin LaiEP
Ms.Lam VanessaCP
Ms.Lam Wing Chi CeciliaEP
Mr.Lam Wing Hong TomEP
Ms.Lam Wing WahCP
Dr.Lam Yu Hin GaryEP
Ms.Lam Yuk Ip KindyCP
Ms.Lam Yi TakEP
Ms.Lau Chau WanCP
Ms.Lau Ho Yee IonaEP
Ms.Lau Ka Lai CarrieEP
Dr.Lau Kai Cheung RichardCP
Mr.Lau Kai Tai JosephCP
Ms.Lau Kit Yee MagdaleneCP
Ms.Lau Lok FanCP
Ms.Lau Lok Yan FeliciaCP
Ms.Lau Man Kuen AppleCP
Ms.Lau Mei Lin KarenEP
Ms.Lau Mei Ting ElizaCP
Ms.Lau Nga TingCP
Mr.Lau Ping Fai PeterEP
Ms.Lau Pui YiEP
Dr.Lau Sau YinEP
Ms.Lau Stephanie Marie Sze MunEP
Ms.Lau Sin KiCP
Ms.Lau Suet WaiCP
Ms.Lau Sze Sze CeciliaCP
Ms.Lau Wai YeeCP
Ms.Lau Wai Yin VanessaCP
Dr.Lau Wing Lam RosannaCP
Ms.Lau Wing Man, RebeccaCP
Ms.Lau Wing Mon RuthEP
Ms.Lau Wing Shuen LydiaEP
Ms.Lau Wing Yin VerenaEP
Ms.Lau Yu Po KwanCP
Ms.Lau Yuet HanCP
Dr.Lau Yuet Ying EstherCP
Mr.Law Cheuk Man BenjaminEP
Ms.Law Cheuk Wai CherryEP
Ms.Law Lai Sheung AliceEP
Ms.Law Shui Fun JosephineCP
Ms.Law Ting TingEP
Dr.Law WilbertEP
Ms.Law Wing MeiCP
Ms.Law Yu YinEP
Ms.Law Yuen PingEP
Ms.Law Yuen Wah SonyaCP
Ms.Law Yuk TingEP
Ms.Lee Cheuk Kiu KathyCP
Ms.Lee Ching TingEP
Ms.Lee Ching Wai RosaCP
Ms.Lee Ka Man KarenEP
Ms.Lee Kam Sau JessicaEP
Dr.Lee Man Kwan JacenCP
Ms.Lee Man WaiEP
Ms.Lee MaryCP
Dr.Lee Mei Yan TiffanyCP
Ms.Lee Ming Lam EsterCP
Ms.Lee Mo Kit MonaCP
Ms.Lee Nga WaiEP
Ms.Lee Shui Har DorisEP
Ms.Lee Shun Wai DorothyEP
Ms.Lee Sik ChiEP
Ms.Lee Suk HanEP
Ms.Lee Sum EvaEP
Ms.Lee Sze WaiCP
Ms.Lee Tsz Ling AliceEP
Ms.Lee Tsz WingEP
Ms.Lee Yee Wan SypelEP
Ms. Lee Yuen ManEP
Ms.Lee AnnieEP
Dr.Lee TatiaCP
Leung Chi Mei DorisEP
Dr.Leung Chong Ngai Ngor AnitaCP
Ms.Leung Chui YingEP
Ms.Leung Chun Ning JacquelineEP
Ms.Leung Chung MingCP
Ms.Leung Hei YinEP
Ms.Leung Hoi KiCP
Ms.Leung Hoi Ting MichelleCP
Ms.Leung Kin ShanCP
Ms.Leung Kit Nam HeidiEP
Dr.Leung Kwok Heung GracemaryCP
Prof.Leung Man CynthiaEP
Ms.Leung Nga KiEP
Ms.Leung Nga WingCP
Ms.Leung Pui YeeEP
Ms.Leung Sau WahCP
Ms.Leung Sau Wah AdaCP
Ms.Leung See WaiCP
Ms.Leung Shuk Yin ConnieCP
Mr.Leung Siu On TerenceEP
Ms.Leung Sum Po MayCP
Ms.Leung Tze Zhen TinaCP
Mr.Leung Wai Cheung RickyEP
Ms.Leung Wai Yee WinnieCP
Dr.Leung Wai YinCP
Ms.Leung Wing InCP
Ms.Leung Wing Wah SallyEP
Ms.Leung Yan HangCP
Ms.Leung Yee LingCP
Ms.Leung Yim PingEP
Ms.Leung Yin WaEP
Ms.Leung Yuen KiEP
Ms.Leung Yuk King CarolineEP
Ms.Leung AliceCP
Prof.Leung PatrickCP
Dr.Lew MichaelEP
Mr.Li Che Keung KevinCP
Dr.Li Chi Kwan CaroleCP
Ms.Li Chor YingEP
Dr.Li Kam Wah EddieCP
Ms.Li Kwai Yi JosephineCP
Ms.Li Man Yee IsabelEP
Ms.Li Shu Shuen CarinaCP
Ms.Li Tsz TingEP
Dr.Li W. S. Frendi CP
Ms.Li Wing ChiCP
Ms.Li Wing Chi GigiEP
Ms.Li Wing SzeEP
Ms.Li Wing Yan MichelleEP
Ms.Li Wing Yee DorothyEP
Mr.Lie BryanEP
Ms.Lim Kwai TatCP
Ms.Lin Mei Fai TeresaEP
Ms.Liu Chun MeiCP
Mr.Liu Ka KuiEP
Ms.Liu Ka ManCP
Ms.Liu Kwan Yi, QueenieEP
Ms.Liu Mei King NadasaCP
Ms.Liu Ngai TsitEP
Ms.Liu Wai SumCP
Ms.Liu YingEP
Mr.Liu JeffreyCP
Ms.Lo EdithEP
Mr.Lo Chak Chuen EddieCP
Dr.Lo Che Wah AlexanderCP
Dr.Lo Chuen Yee BarbaraCP
Mr.Lo Dick ChungEP
Ms.Lo Hau Yan PhyllisCP
Mr.Lo Ho CheungEP
Ms.Lo Hui Sau KingEP
Ms.Lo King YanEP
Ms.Lo Lai ManEP
Mr.Lo Pui HungCP
Ms.Lo Ting Yan DianeEP
Ms.Lo Tsz Wah EvaEP
Ms.Lo Ying TungEP
Ms.Long Cheuk YunEP
Ms.Lui Chi ManEP
Ms.Luk Ching YinCP
Ms.Lui Choi ChungCP
Ms.Lui Wai SzeCP
Mr.Lui Wan HapEP
Dr.Lui Yik Man JodieCP
Ms.Luk Ka Yan KarenEP
Luk Sau Ha SarahEP
Ms.Luk Ting ChiCP
Ms.Luk Wing SzeCP
Dr.Ma Lai Yin AgnesEP
Ms.Ma Man Kiu Tracy CP
Ms.Ma Nga Lun RachelEP
Dr.Ma Tin Shu TerenceEP
Ms.Ma Yee Man EllenCP
Mr.Ma Yui Keung WilliamEP
Ms.Mak Hoi Yan IrisEP
Ms.Mak Ka ManCP
Ms.Mak Lai PingCP
Ms.Mak Suk HarEP
Ms.Mak Wing Fun IngridCP
Ms.Mak Yee NeiEP
Mr.Mak Yung SungEP
Ms.Mak EvaEP
Ms.Mak TwiggyCP
Ms.Mark WinifredCP
Ms.Meau Wah Man MaryEP
Ms.Mo Man Ying MaggieCP
Ms.Mok Lai WanEP
Ms.Mok Shuk Ling SelinaCP
Mr.Mok Shun Yin WilsonEP
Ms.Mok Wing SiCP
Ms.Mok Yam King MonicaCP
Ms.Na ShirleyCP
Dr.Ng Ching Wah LarryCP
Ms.Ng Hau Yi PaulineEP
Ms.Ng Hoi YanEP
Ms.Ng Joyce Hoi LingEP
Mr.Ng Ka Chui SamuelCP
Ms.Ng Kit Mui CoraEP
Ms.Ng Lam Yee CeciliaEP
Ms.Ng Man YingCP
Mr.Ng Nai Kong RichardCP
Mr.Ng Pak Hung DavidEP
Mrs.Ng Shing Pui Ying ConnieEP
Ms.Ng Shung YanCP
Ms.Ng Siu PingEP
Ms.Ng So SumCP
Ms.Ng Tsz TingCP
Ms.Ng Wai Shan IrisCP
Ms.Ng Yik YingCP
Ms.Ng Yu Fa EstherCP
Ms.Ng Charlotte EP
Ms.Ngai Lai SuenCP
Ms.Ngan Chiu FoonCP
Ms.Ngan Shu KayEP
Mr.Ngan Wai Lam NeoEP
Ms.Pak Chui SauCP
Mr.Pang Chi WaEP
Ms.Pang Hing YiCP
Dr.Pang Hok Hoi PaulCP
Ms.Pao Ka Wai VestaCP
Ms.Phang Hiu Wang TrinnaeCP
Ms.Pong Leung Suk Wah SarahEP
Ms.Pong Mei WahCP
Mr.Poon Cheuk Hin AlvinCP
Dr.Poon Kei YanEP
Ms.Poon Mak Sui ManCP
Dr.Poon Sau Kwan ConnieCP
Ms.Poon Vitti Wai KeiCP
Ms.Poon Wai Fong JoannaCP
Mr.Poon Wai KeiEP
Ms.Poon Wai Ling MaggieCP
Ms.Poon Wing Tak RhondaCP
Ms.Sham Tiffany Oi TaoEP
Mr.Shea Man Kee PeterEP
Ms.Sheh Ching Shan AnnieCP
Ms.Shek Yik Pui PeonyEP
Ms.Shu Sum To DorothyCP
Ms.Shum Siu HongCP
Mr.Sit Long TinEP
Dr.Siu Fung Ying AngelaCP
Ms.Siu Ho Yee VivianCP
Ms.Siu Mei Ling JacquelineEP
Mr.Siu Sze HangCP
Mr.So Hon Kei EricCP
Ms.So Wai On AnnEP
Ms.So Yuk Chi CherylCP
Mr.Su Michael RonaldEP
Dr.Suen Yiu Kwan EdmondCP
Ms.Sung Kei Ka EmilyCP
Dr.Sze Lai ManCP
Ms.Sze Mei Lun AngelaCP
Ms.Sze Ming LoCP
Ms.Tam Choi ShanEP
Dr.Tam Ka Hang BarryCP
Ms.Tam Kwok Yuen TammyEP
Ms.Tam Lai WaEP
Ms.Tam Miu Ping JudyCP
Ms.Tam Shuk YinCP
Ms.Tam Tak YanEP
Ms.Tam Wai YeeCP
Ms.Tam Wan Bec GraceCP
Ms.Tam Wan Yan KarenCP
Ms.Tam Win GeeEP
Mr.Tam Wing Kwui PeterEP
Dr.Tam Yat Sun JosephCP
Ms.Tam Yuen PuiEP
Ms.Tam Yuet HarEP
Ms.Tang ElaineEP
Ms.Tang Hoi Ling HelenaEP
Mr.Tang Ho Ming RaymondEP
Ms.Tang Ka Man TraciEP
Ms.Tang Mei YiCP
Dr.Tang Sze Kae CharlotteCP
Ms.Tang Victoria KatherineCP
Ms.Tang Wai YanEP
Ms.Tang Yu HingCP
Ms.Tang Yuet Ho Maysie EP
Ms.To Fan yee DaisyCP
Ms.Tong Kar Man KarenEP
Dr.Tong Kwok Kwun AnthonyCP
Ms.Tong Mun Yee EvaCP
Ms.Tong Sung KiCP
Ms.Tong YingEP
Ms.Tong Yung ChuEP
Ms.Tsang Ching Yi DeborahEP
Ms.Tsang Foo Sui Lin ShirleyCP
Ms.Tsang Fung KingCP
Dr.Tsang H. P. MichaelCP
Dr.Tsang Kit Man SandraCP
Ms.Tsang Kwok YeeEP
Ms.Tsang Lai Man BerthaCP
Ms.Tsang Po Ling FloraCP
Ms.Tsang Sau Ling SuzannaCP
Ms.Tsang Stefany Cheuk TingCP
Ms.Tsang Suk ManEP
Ms.Tsang Yee Ha LuciaCP
Mr.Tse Hoi NangEP
Ms.Tse Lai YinEP
Ms.Tse Ling YingEP
Mr.Tse Tsz YeungEP
Ms.Tso Mei Kuen LydiaEP
Mr.Tso Van Yip RickyEP
Ms.Tsui Cheish Chin FunCP
Ms.Tsui Ka Chung DorothyEP
Ms.Tsui Lo Ching Hung RosaEP
Ms.Tsui Yuen TingEP
Dr.Tsz Huen Zanete MakEP
Ms.Tung Ka Kei ChristineCP
Ms.Wai Chi Man VeronicaCP
Ms.Wan Chau KukCP
Ms.Wan FannyEP
Dr.Wan Ho YinCP
Ms.Wan Mei PoCP
Ms.Wan Wing YiuCP
Mr.Wei Yat FaiEP
Dr.Wong AdrianCP
Dr.Wong Chi YanCP
Ms.Wong Chit YuCP
Wong Chiu Man ChongEP
Ms.Wong ChristineEP
Ms.Wong Chui HungCP
Mr.Wong Chun HoEP
Mr.Wong Chun Kit RexEP
Ms.Wong Chun TingEP
Mr.Wong Daniel Yui YunEP
Ms.Wong ElsieCP
Ms.Wong Hing Yee KarenCP
Mr.Wong Hiu Hei HubertCP
Ms.Wong Hiu Wing SharonCP
Mr.Wong Ho ChunEP
Ms.Wong Hon KwanEP
Ms.Wong Hsu ChongEP
Ms.Wong Jenny Sum WaiEP
Ms.Wong Ka Yan AngelaEP
Ms.Wong Kai Yan MelodyCP
Mr.Wong Kam HingEP
Ms.Wong KathyEP
Mr.Wong Kim KeungEP
Mr.Wong Kwok LeungCP
Ms.Wong Kwok Yee IvyEP
Ms.Wong Lai Wah PollyCP
Wong Leung Sai Man LucindaEP
Ms.Wong Leung Wai HanEP
Ms.Wong Man Kin AngelaEP
Ms.Wong Mei ChingEP
Ms.Wong Mei Fun MaryCP
Ms.Wong Mei TingCP
Ms.Wong Ming YanEP
Ms.Wong Mui FongCP
Ms.Wong Ng Hau Yi PaulineEP
Mr.Wong Nok FungEP
Dr.Wong Pak HoEP
Ms.Wong Pui BettyCP
Ms.Wong Pui SzeCP
Ms.Wong Sau YingCP
Ms.Wong Shuen Shuen KayEP
Ms.Wong Sin ManEP
Ms.Wong Siu Chun JaneEP
Ms.Wong Siu Yi AnnCP
Ms.Wong Sze KaCP
Ms.Wong Sze ManCP
Dr.Wong Tin YauEP
Ms.Wong Ting TingCP
Ms.Wong Ting EmmaCP
Ms.Wong Tung YiEP
Ms.Wong Wai YinCP
Ms.Wong Wing SuenEP
Ms.Wong Wing Sze KarenCP
Ms.Wong Wing YeeCP
Ms.Wong YanCP
Ms.Wong Yan LingEP
Ms.Wong Yin Ting FeliceEP
Mr.Wong Yu KwanEP
Ms.Wong Yuen WahEP
Ms.Wong Yuet FungEP
Ms.Woo Kit LingCP
Ms.Woo Mei SumCP
Ms.Woo Ngoi SumCP
Ms.Woo Yu Chun EugenieEP
Ms.Wu Fei ManCP
Ms.Wu Fung KuenCP
Ms.Wu Hoi Hei GloriaEP
Dr.Wu Kit Ying KittyCP
Mr.Wu Kwok WingCP
Ms.Wu Sin TingCP
Dr.Wu Yuen Fan LinaCP
Dr.Xu JiaqiEP
Ms.Yan Hau SimEP
Ms.Yau Cheuk Wai DelphineCP
Ms.Yau Chung Yin DesireeCP
Ms.Yau Mei MeiEP
Mr.Yau Pak Cheong StephenEP
Ms.Yau Suk Wah PhoebeCP
Ms.Yeung Hoi LanCP
Ms.Yeung Hiu Yan AdrianaEP
Ms.Yeung In Wai VivianCP
Ms.Yeung Kin YanCP
Ms.Yeung JaclynCP
Ms.Yeung Kit Yu KittyEP
Ms.Yeung Lai YingCP
Ms.Yeung Oi WinEP
Mr.Yeung Sai Yee PeterCP
Ms.Yeung Sin Ming SimmyCP
Ms.Yeung Tsui YeeCP
Ms.Yeung Tsz ShanEP
Ms.Yeung Wai ManCP
Mr.Yeung Wing Chun FritzCP
Ms.Yip Ching YeeEP
Ms.Yip Loch Ling CathrynEP
Ms.Yip Ying Chi SindyCP
Ms.Yiu Fong LeeCP
Ms.Yiu Wai Yuk JessieCP
Ms.Yiu Yui Tsi, DaraCP
Ms.Young Ming YanCP
Ms.Yu Ka KiCP
Yu Ku Siu Yin HelenEP
Ms.Yu Man Wai PhilippaCP
Ms.Yu Shiu ManCP
Ms.Yu Siu Ling MabelCP
Ms.Yu Yun Chuen RachelCP
Ms.Yuen Chow Siu-fung KatherineEP
Mr.Yuen Man TakEP
Ms.Yuen Nga Yee AdaCP
Ms.Yuen On Lai AnnaCP
Mr.Yuen Shing ChiCP
Ms.Yum Chun WaEP
Ms.Yung Kam PingCP
Yung Ka KuiEP
Ms.Yung Man Yi FraniceCP
Ms.Yung Mie ShiuEP
Mr.Yung Wai KitEP
Ms.Zhou NingEP
CP: Clincial Psychologist 臨床心理學家
EP: Educational Psychologist 教育心理學家
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