1994 (Thesis)

Psychology - Undergraduate

1. Au Kwok Chu
Filial piety and child-rearing practice: Tradition and modern

2. Chan Cindy
Psychosocial predictors of incarcerated adolescent substance abusers

3. Chan Fung Yee
A repertory grid study of adolescent love relationships

4. Chan Kam Yung
An examination of school climate, principal's leadership style and their influence on job satisfaction of Hong Kong aided secondary school teachers

5. Chan Pik Wah
A study of adolescent smoking habits in relation to social influences and personality among the institutionalized boys

6. Chan Wing Kuen
Are the parents of children with down's syndrome really have higher level of distress? A comparison among father and mother may answer this question!!

7. Chan Yim Ling, Constant
Peer support network for promoting psychological well-being in old age

8. Cheng Yuk Ngun
Personal problems and their relationship to self-esteem among Chinese adolescents

9. Chiang Hok Lai
Problem-solving appraisal and attributional style as moderators of stress-related psychological symptoms

10. Choi Sheung Yee
Relationships among socioeconomic status (SES), parenting style, self-esteem and academic achievement in Hong Kong adolescents

11. Choi Siu Ping
An assessment of children's and adolescents' fear intensity and content in Hong Kong

12. Chong Yuk Lun
A study of adolescent depression: its relation with social competence and family environment

13. Chung Wai Tao
Psychosocial predictors of social anxiety among Hong Kong college students

14. Fu Ting Ting
The relationship between parental attitudes, expectations and the children's academic achievement

15. Ho Kit Ping, Jessica
A study on the relationships between creativity and birth order, intelligence, and academic performance

16. Ho Pui Yiu
The relationship between parental factors and adolescent work values

17. Hsui Wai Kuen
Psychological state, social support and outlook of life among hospitalized stroke patients

18. Hui Ngar Kwan
Perceived motives in helping activities of religious believers and non-religious volunteers

19. Ieong Kok Tong
A study of the influence of traditional Chinese values on gift giving

20. Ko Chin Lun
Knowledge and attitudes toward suicide among university students, teachers and social workers

21. Lai Wai Kwan, Michelle
A study of the influence of working experience on expressive and instrumental types of gift-giving behaviour in Chinese people

22. Lau Chui Fei
Moderating effects of social support and locus of control on stress among university students in Hong Kong

23. Lau Chung Sing
Effect of part-time job on the psycho-social development of Hong Kong secondary pupils

24. Lau Ho Yee, Miranda
The key to a satisfying man-woman relationship: Its maintainence, promotion & enhancement

25. Lau Ka Wai
Conceptualization of Aggression of Male Adolescents Influenced by Values Projected by Comic Books and Video Games

26. Lau Suk Kan
Stress and coping of parents with and without children who are mentally retarded

27. Lau Tsui Yin
Stressful-life-events and coping strategies of adolescents in Hong Kong: A comparative study of runaways and nonrunaways

28. Lee Antoinette Marie
Disordered eating attitudes and behaviours among adolescent schoolgirls in Hong Kong: Relationship among body dissatisfaction, depression and family cohesion and conflict

29. Lee Kai Chung
Superstitious beliefs among undergraduates in Hong Kong

30. Lee Po Yan, Moniza
A study of Hong Kong student's filial attitude, actual filial behavior and authoritarian personality in a changing society

31. Lee Pui Man
Empathy, effectiveness, race similarity & prosocial behaviour. A case study of charity donation

32. Leung Hau Keung
Effects of attention, complexity and size on implicit memory for visual patterns

33. Leung Wai Ip
Video game and its subsequent emotions

34. Li Ka Man
Analysis of the relationships among music, mood changes and attitude judgments

35. Li Oi Kay
Interaction of personal relationship, moral judgment, and collectivism on helping behavior

36. Lo Siu Ying
The practice of private tuition in Hong Kong

37. Lui Chun Ling, May
A study of the relationship between motivation, use of self-regulated learning strategies and academic achievement

38. Lui Pui Kuen
The correspondence between the complexity of preschoolers' symbolic play and parents-child interaction, sibling-child interaction, as well as child's temperament

39. Luk Siu Lan
An exploratory study on the effects of cooperative learning in academic performance, self-esteem and learning involvement in primary 2 students in a cram school

40. Ma Chi Kwong
The effects of two display formats (top-to-down and bottom-to-up) & four types of Chinese characters/words (real character, pseudo character, real word and pseudo word) on component-detection task

41. Mok Yuen See
Case studies on metaphors used in Chinese counseling process

42. Mui Sin Kwan
A study of unwed teenage mothers in Hong Kong

43. Ng Chung Ho
The differences in driving behaviour between young & older drivers

44. Ng Siu Ping
To explore, from hospice caregivers' views, the benefits that hospice brings to its receivers (both dying cancer patients & families) and its caregivers

45. Siu Wing Mui
Relationships among test anxiety, locus of control and academic achievement

46. So Yin Ni
The ways that social workers and social services agencies can help the battered women

47. Sung Kei Ka
Self-realization through career choice a local case study on 12 successful people

48. Tai Sze Wai, Elaine
Relationship between just world beliefs, satisfaction, and assertive behaviour of white-collar employees in Hong Kong

49. Tam Sze Yuen
Do the personality of social responsibility and dispositional empathy relate to helping behavior?

50. Tam Wai Kan
Effects of text format and line width in Chinese reading

51. To Ka Yue,
Betty Relationship between the belief in the just world, satisfaction and assertive actions among white-collar employees in Hong Kong

52. Tse Man Yee, Iris
Fear of failure, achievement motivation and academic performance of Chinese secondary school students

53. Tse Yin Ni
The influence of situational factors on Chinese perception of insider

54. Wong Fung Ming
A comparison of stress of and social support for parents of children with down's syndrome and parents of normal children

55. Wong Ka Ming
Exploratory examinations of expectancy and perceptual factors affecting psychophysics of intuitive covariation estimates

56. Wong Mei Fung, Emma
The relationship between academic self-concept, academic achievement attribution and attribution-related affects

57. Wong Mo Tao
Video-game kids: Their sociometric status and behavioral characteristics perceived by their peers

58. Wong Po Ling
Use of reference frames with respect to English directional adverbs

59. Wong Shu Fai
Social support as a moderator in the relationship between hassles and depression among first year college students

60. Wong Ying Fung
Physique and personality: Any correlation?

61. Yeung Mei Ling
A study on gambling behavior in relation to locus of control, gambling conditions and control situations

62. Yip Cheuk Man
Depression and self-concept of children from single-parent families: A comparison between single-parent families and intact families

63. Yuen Sau Chun
Relationship among test anxiety, self-esteem and academic performance

64. Yuen Sze Ki
A study on sex difference and activity group difference in their concept of body image and physical self-perception


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