1996 (Thesis)

Master Degree in Clinical Psychology

1. Chan Kwok Ying
Stress and Coping in Parents of Children with Developmental Disabilities

2. Chan Wai Kwong
Wives' Influence on Husbands' Involvement in Parenting: A Hong Kong Study

3. Cheung Sim Ling
Adjustment of Adolescents in Divorced/Separated Families

4. Lai Ching Man
Life Satisfaction in Old Age: A Study of the Experience of Elderly Hostel Residents

5. Leung Kwok Keung
Psychosocial Predictors of the Immune Functioning of Symptomatic HIV+ Patients in Hong Kong

6. Poon Yuet Fai, Helena
The Psychological Reactions of Breast Cancer Patients with Mastectomy

7. Sheh Ching Shan, Annie
The Psychological Adjustment of the Siblings of Autistic Children

8. Sun Nee Ngor
Stress, Coping and Psychological Distress in Hong Kong Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Patients

9. Wong Kit Ching
Depression and its related mood conditions in Hong Kong

10. Wong Tak Po, Mike
Nursing Stress in Acute-care and Psychiatric Hospitals: A Comparison

11. Anita Yuen
Empathy Versus Reciprocity: Mutually Exclusive? - A Study into the Confounding Effects of Empathy and Reciprocity on Interpersonal Conflict Management Training


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