2008 (Thesis)

Psychology - Undergraduate

01. Chan Hiu Ling
Is interactive group interview better than individual interview?

02. Chan Hoi Kei Gloria
The influence of Tai Chi on attentional control and mood regulation in middle-aged people

03. Chan Tsz Ting
Social information processing of relationally aggressive girls in relational provocation at friendship context

04. Chan Wai Shan
The role of stereo cues in processing configural and part shape information in 3D novel objects

05. Chau Ka Hung Bolton
Local volume changes in the brain with the severity of dementia: A voxel-based morphometry study

06. Chun Yuk Mong Raymond
Impact of perceived validity of social norms on explicit attitude towards fat people

07. Kiang Kwok Yuen
The effect of perceived ideal discrepancy on self-efficacy beliefs in cognitive task

08. Kwan Nga Chung
Motivation underlying organized activity participation and its relationship to self-esteem, subjective well-being, and relationship harmony among Chinese adolescents

09. Lam Wai Yee Ami
Examining the relationship between religious coping in a protestant sample

10. Lau Hi Po Bobo
Effects of ruminative tendency and neuroticism on executive functions under response manipulation

11. Lau Siu Fung
The effect of complexity on Chinese character identification at peripheral visual field

12. Lee Nga Wai
False memory about food and its consequence on food-consuming behavior

13. Leung Man Chi
Self-esteem and learning methods

14. Li Cheuk Ting
Women’s perceptions of male partners and relationship satisfaction

15. Lim Ching Ki Maggie
Thinking styles and emotion regulation

16. Liu Chun Mei
Coping flexibility and field-dependence-independence cognitive style

17. Mak Suk Har
Cultural differences of illusion of control and overconfidence between Chinese and Westerners

18. Ng Ho Man Patrick
Forgive or not? Apology and forgiving communication in an interpersonal context

19. Tsoi Ka Wing
Effects of culture, situational stakeness, and double-rating method on socially desirable responding: A cross-cultural study in China and United States

20. Wong Chi Wah
Perceived parenting styles and stress coping behavior among Hong Kong adolescents

21. Wong Wai Lap
Associations between fathers’ negative work-to-family spillover and their monitoring methods

22. Yung Kam Ping
A self-learning strategy to help Cantonese ESL learners to improve their English pronunciation


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