Founding Director & Principal Investigator

Lee, Tatia M. C., Ph.D., R. Psych.


May Professor in Neuropsychology, HKU
Chair Professor of Psychology, HKU
Honorary Professor, Departments of Medicine and Psychiatry, HKU 
Registered Clinical Psychologist
Board Certified Neuropsychologist
Fellow, American Psychological Association
(Division 12 – Society of Clinical Psychology,
Division 40 – Society for Clinical Neuropsychology)
Fellow, National Academy of Neuropsychology

Postdoctoral Fellow

Chan, Jessie S. M. , Ph.D. Research Focus:
Meditation, neuroplasticity, mind-body intervention
Chen, Pearl L.H., Ph.D. Research Focus:
Genetics of psychiatric disorders; associations between genotypes and clinical phenotypes (e.g. neuroimaging)
Shao, Robin, Ph.D. Research Focus:
Reinforcement learning, dopaminergic circuitry, risk-taking, impulsivity

Research Staff

Liu, Zhongwan Research Focus:
Cognitive functions, ICA, neuroimaging
Wu, Jingsong Research Focus:
Cognitive functions, neuroimaging

Current Students

Cheng, Lewis Research Focus:
Neuroplasticity, stress and resilience
Gao, Meng Xia Research Focus:
Aging, cognitive function in aging, prediction
Lam, Charlene L. M. Research Focus:
Fear, threat conditioning, memory reconsolidation, affective neuroscience
Leung, Chantel J. Research Focus:
Cognitive biases, anxiety disorders, cognitive bias modification
Man, Idy S. C. Research Focus:
Stress and resilience
Ng, Mandy S. M. Research Focus:
Loneliness, stress and resilience, psychological distress
Qi, Di Research Focus:
Neuroplasticity, mind health
Sin, Emily L. L. Research Focus:
Rumination, emotions, affective neuroscience
Yu, Gerard J. Research Focus:
Aging, MCI, cognitive functions, neuroimaging
Wong, J. J. Research Focus:
Affective processing, decision making, VR, MRI, MEG


Au, Ricky K. C.
Chan, Jessica K. P.
Chau, Bolton K. H.
Cheung, Crystal C. Y.
Hung, Joanna P. S.
Ip, Alison K. Y.
Leung, Natalie T. Y.
Lo, Mandy M.
Chan, Fanus S. C. (Ph.D.)
Chan, Raymond C. K. (Ph.D.)
Cheng, Gordon L. F. (Ph.D.)
Cheung, Martina S. L. (Psy.D.)
Cho, Valda W. C. (Ph.D.)
Fok, Dorcas S. K. (Ph.D.)
Ho, Nerissa S. P. (Ph.D)
Kwok, Florence Y. (Psy.D.)
Lai, Florence D. M. (Ph.D.)
Lam, Bess Y. H. (Ph.D.)
Lam, Lorinda L. (Psy.D.)
Lee, Cavy K. Y. (Psy.D.)
Lee, Tiffany M. Y. (Ph.D.)
Leung, Kwok-keung (Ph.D.)
Leung, Mei-kei (Ph.D.)
Lin, Kangguang (Ph.D.)

Ma, Ernie (Psy.D.)
Ma, Tracy M. K (Ph.D.)
Mak, Alison L. P. (Ph.D)
Mak, Amanda K. Y. (Ph.D.)
Pau, Charles W.H. (Psy.D)
Suen, Edmond Y. (Psy.D.)
Sun, Lina N. N. (Psy.D.)
Sze, Esther H. Y. (Psy.D.)
Tam, Helena M. K. (Psy.D.)
Terrighena, Esslin L. (Ph.D)
Tong, Bianca S. K. (Psy.D.)
Tsang, Lucia Y. H. (Psy.D.)
Wong, Mike T. P. (Psy.D.)
Wong, Nichol M. L. (Ph.D)
Yuen, Kenneth S. L. (Ph.D.)
Yung, Samantha Y. M. (Psy.D)
Zhang, Huijun (Ph.D.)
Zhang, Ruibin (Ph.D.)