We conduct both basic and applied research in the domain of visual perception and action. For basic research, we use interdisciplinary approaches from psychology, computer science, and engineering to examine visual information affecting perceptual judgments and motor control of self- and object motion. For applied research, we address relevant real-world problems in human factors. The goal is to understand the complexities of human perception of motion and its integration with motor control processes under both controlled laboratory and natural environment settings.

Prospective graduate students

The lab is always seeking new talents.  If you are interested in becoming an MPhil or a Ph.D. student in the lab, please contact the PI, Dr. Li Li, by email and send the following items first:

  • CV and copies of academic transcripts. Students with backgrounds in cognitive psychology, neuroscience, computer science, mathematics, and/or engineering are preferred.
  • Statement of research interests. Please mention your previous research projects, include citations of your publications if any, and specify what goals you plan to achieve during your graduate study in the statement.
  • Contact information of two-three references, preferably your research supervisors.

For the logistic questions related to application, please go to HKU Graduate School. In general, the admission does NOT require you to take any GRE if your first degree is in Psychology or Cognitive Science. Otherwise, you are required to obtain a minimum score of 550 on the GRE Subject Test in Psychology. Further, if your native language is English or your undergraduate degree is from an accredited English institution, you do NOT need to take TOEFL. Otherwise, an overall TOEFL score of 550 or above is required for admission.

  • If you are applying for the Hong Kong PhD Fellowships, you need to send in your initial application to the HK Research Grant Council (RGC), and you need to send in your full application to HKU graduate school.
  • If you are not interested in the open competition for the Hong Kong PhD Fellowships, just send in your full application to HKU graduate school.

Post doc positions

The lab currently has an opening for a post-doc position. If you are interested, please send your CV and statement of research interests along with the contact information of your at least three references to Dr. Li Li through email.


Undergraduate intern/summer intern positions are available depending on the match between your interests and the current projects in the lab. If you are interested in working in the lab as an intern or a summer intern, please send your resume and academic transcripts to Dr. Li Li through email. Please specify which specific research project(s) in the lab (see Research page for details) that you are most interested in working on in the email. Thanks!


C641, Centennial Campus, The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam, Hong Kong