Our Mission

Have you ever wondered...

Why and how do people change?
What keeps us from making changes that will improve our wellbeing?

My lab conducts research aiming at enhancing the understanding of the processes underlying health behaviour changes and translating this knowledge into effective and scalable interventions. Our research draws from learning theories and self-regulation theories of behaviour. With a focus on sleep, our current research aims to unravel the mechanisms underlying the link between sleep and behavioural health and to optimize the use of sleep interventions to improve the wellbeing of vulnerable individuals.


We use a range of methodologies in our research including longitudinal, experimental, and clinical trial designs.

Research Areas:

The mechanisms underlying the relationship among sleep, self-regulation, and psychopathology

We are interested in evaluating how sleep and self-regulation reciprocally influencing each other, and how they conjunctively impact psychopathology. We are currently conducting studies using the Pavlovian-Instrumental Transfer (PIT) paradigm to examine the effects of sleep deprivation on the habitual control of eating and how the PIT transfer effects differentiate individuals with eating pathology from healthy controls.

Efficacy and implementation of digital health interventions

We are developing and evaluating digital behavioral health interventions for teens, adults, and older adults with psychiatric and medical comorbidities. Specifically, we are interested in testing how different components of mobile applications such as virtual coaching, monitoring tools, and the addition of human support contribute to the efficacy of the intervention. We are also interested in evaluating different implementation strategies for maximizing the dissemination and impact of digital health interventions at the population level.

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Principal Investigator

Dr. Wai Sze Chan is a researcher and a licensed Clinical Psychologist. She is currently an Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychology at the University of Hong Kong.

Research Team

Our team is composed of enthusiastic, curious, and talented postgraduate and undergraduate students. I also supervise credit-bearing research interns. Want to join us?


We collaborate with researchers around the world and across disciplines. Learn more about our current collaborations and contact us if you share our interests and are eager to team up!

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New Publication: Elevated Prevalence of Probable Insomnia among Young Men during Social Unrest in Hong Kong: A Population-Based Study

March 2022: We began to recruit for SleepSensei for those who are experiencing sleep difficulties; and focus group discussions for prediabetes or type 2 diabetes individuals!