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The Department of Psychology offers a postgraduate programme leading to the degree of Master of Social Sciences in the field of Clinical Psychology.  The programme aims to train competent and professional clinical psychologists and has an emphasis on science-based practices.


The curriculum shall extend over two years and the intervening vacations. A candidate shall complete satisfactorily 14 formal courses, each given 3 credit-units (Courses 1 - 9 in the first year and Courses 10 - 14 in the second year), a dissertation (6 credit-units) and practicum (12 credit-units). Thus, the curriculum consists of a total of 60 credit-units. Each credit-unit is roughly equivalent to one hour of teaching per week. Whereas the first year of the curriculum shall focus on the theoretical foundations and basis skills training in Clinical Psychology, the second year shall extend to include the application of the theories and assessment and treatment models to special populations in various clinical settings.

Examinations of the courses followed by a candidate may be either by a written paper in the examination held in January or May of the academic year of study, or by continuous assessment of the candidates' performance in completing the requirements of these courses, or by a combination of these methods.


First year *

PSYC6001. Practicum
PSYC7018. Cognitive assessment
PSYC7002. Assessment of personality and psychopathology
PSYC7003. Individual psychotherapy I
PSYC7004. Individual psychotherapy II
PSYC7005. Psychopathology I
PSYC7006. Psychopathology II
PSYC7019. Research methods and statistics I
PSYC7020. Research methods and statistics II
PSYC7009. Clinical seminar I

Second year *

PSYC6001. Practicum
PSYC8001. Clinical seminar II
PSYC8002. Community and health psychology
PSYC8003. Family and group therapy
PSYC8004. Clinical neuropsychology
PSYC8005. Ethics and professional issues
PSYC8006. Dissertation
* The courses listed above may be offered at a different year of study.


Tentative Timetable for 2015-2016