Dr. CHAN Winnie Wai-lan
Assistant Professor


B.Soc.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D. (HKU)

Office: 6.21
Phone: (852) 3917-8395
Email: wlwinnie@hku.hk

- Numeracy Development
- Mathematical Learning and Difficulties
- Learning Disabilities

Learning and Development Laboratory:
Our lab studies how children understand mathematics, where their difficulties are, and how they can learn better. We are also interested in how learning takes place in general and what makes us a better learner.

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Chan, W. W. L., Au, T. K., & Tang, J. (2014). Strategic counting: A novel assessment of place-value understanding. Learning and Instruction, 29, 78-94.

Chan, W. W. L. (2014). Understanding and processing numbers among Chinese children. Psychology & Neuroscience, 7, 583-591.

Chan, W. W. L., & Wong, T. T-Y. (2016). The underlying number–space mapping among kindergarteners and its relation with early numerical abilities. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 148, 35-50.


“Understanding the core deficits and subtypes of mathematical difficulties among Chinese children” is a longitudinal study exploring different types of mathematical difficulties and their underlying deficits among Chinese children.

“Place-value training for elementary school children” is an intervention study which designs a training program to help teachers to teach young children place-value concept.

“Children solving arithmetic word problems” is a project which examines the cognitive mechanism underlying word-problem solving and how illustration can enhance children’s performance.

“Young Children Making Sense of Multi-Digit Numbers” is a cross-cultural longitudinal study exploring how informal daily experience with numbers can improve Chinese and Western children’s understanding of multi-digit numbers.

Intern Selection:
Academic Excellence
Proficiency in Chinese and English
Strong research ethics
Experience working with children

Interested students should send an updated CV and transcript to Dr. Winnie Chan (wlwinnie@hku.hk)

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