Dr. CHENG Joseph


B.CogSc., The University of Hong Kong
M.SocSc. (Counselling), City University of Hong Kong
Ph.D., The University of Hong Kong

Office: 6.16
Phone: (852) 3917-8205
Email: josephck@hku.hk

- Cognitive Biases in Internalize disorders
- Cognitive Psychology
- Counselling Psychology
- Consulting Psychology
- Psychometrics

Cheng, J. C. K., & Ho, S. M. Y. (In preparation) The effect of the post-cue duration and the valence of material in item-based directed forgetting in direct and indirect memory test.

Ho, S. M. Y., & Cheng, J. C. K. (In preparation). An investigation on the relationship between memory bias and anxiety symptoms among adolescents using the directed forgetting experimental paradigm.

Li, L., & Cheng, J. C. K. (2013). Visual strategies for the control of steering toward a goal. Displays, 34(2), 97-104. doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.displa.2012.10.005

Cheng, J. C. K., & Li, L. (2012). Effects of reference objects and extra-retinal information about pursuit eye movements on curvilinear path perception from retinal flow. Journal of Vision, 12(3). doi:Artn 12 10.1167/12.3.12

Li, L., & Cheng, J. C. K. (2011). Heading but not path or the tau-equalization strategy is used in the visual control of steering toward a goal. Journal of Vision, 11(12). doi:Artn 20 10.1167/11.12.20

Li, L., & Cheng, J. C. K. (2011). Perceiving path from optic flow. Journal of Vision, 11(1). doi:Artn 22 10.1167/11.1.22

Niehorster, D. C., Cheng, J. C. K., & Li, L. (2010). Optimal combination of form and motion cues in human heading perception. Journal of Vision, 10(11). doi:Artn 2010.1167/10.11.20

We are recruiting interns for the following research projects,

1) Character strengths and psychological well-beings in multi-cultural teams.

2) Memory bias in anxiety and depression among adolescents

3) Discrepancy between stroke patients and their caregivers on illness perception and post-stroke depression.

4) Development of Cantonese personality and career interest inventories

Students who are interested in the above projects are welcome to contact me for more information.

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