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There’s a scientific explanation for why you’re a morning person or night owl — but it’s possible to reset your internal clock
3 scientists just won the Nobel Prize for discovering how body clocks are regulated — here’s why that’s such a big deal
A New Way to Understand the Narcissistic Male
Perceptual confidence neglects decision-incongruent evidence in the brain
The five essentials of leadership
Sugar and mental health: A toxic combination?
Human Development: Faces in the Womb
Two Years Later, We Finally Know Why People Saw “The Dress” Differently
Coping With Not Knowing What Happened to a Missing Loved One
Social exclusion that leads to ‘fake news’ conspiracy theories could be the secret of Donald Trump’s success
Babies’ gazes suggest we are born understanding color
When Children Lie
Apes might be able to tell what you’re thinking
The Lesson of Grace in Teaching
A father’s influence makes for better grades
Competitors or Teammates: How Proper Names Influence Each Other
Psychology Reveals the Comforts of the Apocalypse
How ‘Bias’ Went From a Psychological Observation to a Political Accusation
Why You Should Bet Against Your Candidate
Researchers track eye movements to improve visual searches
Eye movement when reading could be early indicator of Alzheimer’s
New theory debunks consensus that math abilities are innate
More women in the lab will help propel Hong Kong’s economy
LEGO Ad From 1981 Should Be Required Reading For Everyone Who Makes, Buys Or Sells Toys
Brain-sensing technology allows typing at 12 words per minute
Cognitive offloading: How the Internet is increasingly taking over human memory
年輕一代欠抗逆力?(港大教育心理學碩士課程主任 林瑞芳)
Depression hits half of Hong Kong secondary pupils and a quarter have considered suicide, study finds
Simple numbers game seems to make kids better at math
Male images seen by left side of the brain
Dogs know a left-sided wag from a right
Why Parents Should Not Make Kids Do Homework
The Seven Sins of Neuromarketing
The six forms of resistance shown by participants in Milgram’s notorious “obedience studies”
Why not everyone is a torturer
Review of 1961 Yale experiments leads researchers to revise motive for evil
There’s no such thing as a ‘male brain’ or ‘female brain,’ and scientists have the scans to prove it
The one thing about ‘matching’ algorithms that dating sites don’t want you to know
The Science of ‘Inside Out’
Hurricanes with female names more deadly than male-named storms
Understanding the BRAIN initiative

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