Dr. NG Henry K.S.


B.S.Sc, MPhil (Psychology), The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Ph.D. (Psychology), The University of Hong Kong

Office: 6.16
Phone: (852) 3917-8205
Email: nghks@hku.hk

- Social Psychology
– Ego Depletion, Regulatory Focus, Aggression and Prosociality
- Individual Differences – Narcissism, Motivation
- Environmental Psychology

Leung A. N-M., &, Ng, H. K. S. (2015). Sex role development and education. J. Wright, International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences, 2nd edition (in-press). Oxford: Elsvier Ltd.

Ng, H. K. S., Cheung, R. Y., & Tam, K. P. (2014). Unraveling the link between narcissism and psychological 
health: New Evidence from coping flexibility. Personality and Individual Differences, 70, 7-10.

Ng, H. K. S., Tam, K. P., & Shu, T. M. (2013). Narcissism and punitiveness in a non-ego-threatening condition. 
Personality and Individual Differences, 54, 442-446.

Tam, K. P., Shu, T. M., Ng, H. K. S., & Tong, Y. Y. (2013). Belief about immutability of moral character and 
punitiveness toward criminal offenders, Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 43, 603-611.

Tam, K. P., Ng, H. K. S., Yeung, V. W. L., Kim, Y., & Cheung, F. Y. (2012). Attitudes toward cosmetic surgery 
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Ng, H. K. S., Tam, K. P., & Shu, T. M. (2011). The money attitude of covert and overt narcissists. Personality and Individual Differences, 51, 160-165. Invited book chapter

Research Internship Opportunities
Intern students/ research helpers are wanted to help carry out projects in the following areas:

  • Personality (narcissism, motivation)
  • Social Psychology (aggression, prosocial behaviour)
  • Environmental Psychology

You will learn various skills in the research process, from handling research logistics to data analysis. Applicants should have proficient skills in MS Excel and SPSS, and a high sense of responsibility. Students shall work not more than 2 half-days (morning, or afternoon) per week. Feel free to contact Dr. Henry Ng (nghks@hku.hk) for further information.

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