Dr. WONG Ivy Wang
Assistant Professor


PhD, University of Cambridge
MPhil, University of Cambridge
BSocSc, University of Hong Kong

Office: 6.05
Phone: (852) 3917-7131
Email: iwwong@hku.hk
Research Laboratory
Gender Development Laboratory

- Gender development
- Social, cognitive, hormonal and genetic influences
- Sex differences and similarities
- Play behavior and preferences

My focal area is gender development. Specifically, I am interested in the differences and similarities between the genders in childhood as well as at older ages, and how these are molded by factors such as socialization, gender cognitions, sex hormones and genes. I am also interested in the role gender plays in everyday life and how research can be used to help males and females develop.
Current projects:

- How family resources affect gender differences in spatial and social abilities
- Gender differences in school performance
- Single-sex/Co-educational schooling and gender cognitions

Vacancy : Part-time Senior Research Assistant in the Department of Psychology (Ref.:201601066) ( Closing Date : September 15, 2016 )

Title: Internship at Gender Development Laboratory

We are recruiting interns for 2016-2017. Interns are expected to commit for at least the Fall semester (Aug onwards). The internship can be taken as a credit-bearing course (PSYC0072/PSYC2072) or as voluntary work.

At the lab, we explore broad issues pertaining to gender development across the lifespan. Some themes include:
- Social, cognitive, hormonal and genetic influences
- Sex differences and similarities
- Gender segregation
- Play behavior and preferences


  • The major work in the lab will be data collection. Interns will have to conduct behavioral and/or questionnaire testing on campus and/or at schools.
  • Interns will also engage in other tasks such as data entry, preparing materials, attending lab meetings, liaising with schools and participants, and literature review. 
  • Flexible schedule, but preferably no less than 10-12 hours per week.
  • Training will begin in August.

Selection Criteria:

  • Satisfies the schedule expectations stated above. Those with greater availability will be given preference
  • Able to commit
  • Responsible
  • Detail-oriented
  • Mature, sociable, good at communication
  • Fluent in written and spoken Chinese (Cantonese) and English
  • Experience collecting data and knowledge of SPSS are preferable

How to apply:

  • Please send a CV and personal statement (and reference letter if available) to Dr. Ivy Wong (iwwong@hku.hk). Please indicate your expected availability, interests and relevant experience.
  • Deadline of application: 7 Aug 2016.

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