Prof. LAM Shui-fong


M.Ed. (U. of Texas)
Ph.D. (U. of Minnesota)

Office: 6.06
Phone: (852) 3917-2388
Email: lamsf@hku.hk
HKU Researcher Page: http://hub.hku.hk/rp/rp00568

Achievement motivation
Teaching and learning strategies
Parenting and parent education
Positive psychology

Outstanding Teaching Award of the Faculty of Social Sciences, HKU (2012)
Outstanding Teaching Award of the Teaching Excellence Award Scheme, HKU (2012)
Outstanding International Scholar Award, International School Psychology Association (2015)
Distinguished Chinese Alumni Award, The University of Minnesota (2015)
Knowledge Exchange Award, Social Sciences Faculty, HKU (2016)

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The researchers in the School Psychology Laboratory are concerned with the improvement of school environment and the exploration of psychological mechanisms that influence teaching/learning and the positive development of students. We are also concerned about how parenting contributes to the growth of children. We raise questions such as: What teaching practices facilitate students’ learning? What would make students be more motivated? What teachers’ feedback will enhance students’ self-efficacy? What contribute to student engagement in school? What are the evidence-based interventions for the social-emotional development of students? How can positive psychology be used in education? What training instills compassion in student leaders? How is Chinese parenting different from parenting in Western cultures? What role does autonomy granting play in Chinese parenting? How can positive psychology be integrated with parent education?