Psychological Services Unit

The Psychological Services Unit, established in 1988, stems from a tested model linking service with training and is the first of its kind in Hong Kong. The Unit provides an array of specialised services within the discipline of psychology, targeted towards Hong Kong’s population and organisations.

The Unit functions both as a training facility and a service organisation; as such, the services are mianly rendered by postgraduate trainees in clinical psychology and in educational psychology, under the direct supervision of teaching staff who are experienced practitioners.


Honorary PSU Directors
Year Program Name of Director
2018-20 EP Dr. Kathy Wong
2016-18 CP Dr. Diane Huang
2014-16 EP Dr. Kathy Wong
2012-14 CP Dr. Christian Chan
2010-12 EP Dr. C.K. Kam
2008-10 CP Prof. Tatia Lee
2006-08 EP Dr. Irene Ho
2004-06 CP Dr. Frendi Li

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Areas of Service

– Psychological testing and assessment
– Clinical and educational psychological services
– Research and development
– Consultation
– Community education
– Group programmes



– Direct services: children, adolescents, adults and the elderly who are experiencing emotional, mental, learning or behavioural difficulties.

– Indirect or consultative services: public, private and voluntary agencies, such as schools, businesses and charitable organisations.

Direct Service
Upon registration, the applicant will receive a mail of confirmation and later be arranged a face-to-face intake interview. Following the intake interview, the applicant will be advised the time required for a detailed assessment, and afterwards the follow-up plan as well as an estimate of its approximate duration.

Supervisory Panel
Clinical Psychology:
Prof. Tatia M.C. Lee
Prof. Calais Chan
Dr. Christian Chan
Dr. Hai Yen Huang
Dr. Carole C.K. Li
Dr. Frendi W.S. Li
Dr. Shirley X. Li


Educational Psychology
Prof. Connie S.H. Ho
Dr. Ching-king Chan
Dr. Winnie Wai Lan Chan
Dr. Matthew H.T. Chu
Dr. Kathy Kar-man Shum
Dr. Kathy Wong
Dr. Terry Wong
Ms. Alice Keung


Direct services by trainees in clinical/educational psychology:

– The first intake interview: Fixed rate of $200
– Further interview and treatment: Fixed hourly rate of $350
– Assessments : according to the types of assessments, range from $2400 and up.

Consultation and services by staff members
Fees to be arranged independently with the staff member concerned.

Enquiries and Registration
For further information or registration, please call 3917-2387 during office hours.

Department of Psychology
6/F, The Jockey Club Tower
Centennial Campus,
The University of Hong Kong
Fax: 2858-3518

Psychological Services Unit (English edition)
-Psychological Services Unit (Chinese edition)


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