Our Faculty members are actively engaging in a number of projects which have an impact on the community. We have had some projects being supported by the HKU Knowledge Exchange (KE) Fund over the years. We are keen to share our knowledge and skills with the community via different kind of activities such as working with schools to enrich students’ learning experience, transferring knowledge and skills to help rebuild disaster-stricken areas in the region, provide services serving Government and Professional Committees, etc. We see community engagement as a two-way process of exchange through which the societal impact of our research will be enhanced.

A) Knowledge Exchange (KE) Projects/Activities

Self-help E-Platform for Managing Insomnia
HKU Face Camp
Sleep for Health – A Community-based Sleep Health Promotion Programme
Empowering parents to help children sleep better: Parent-based sleep education for children with autism spectrum disorders

Read & Write: A Jockey Club Learning Support Network

Establishing Normative Data for Clinical Use

Cultivating a Generation of I-Smart Kids: Applying Quality-of-(Real)-Life Theory to Internet Addiction

Long-Term Post-Typhoon Haiyan Mental Health Rehabilitation and Capacity Building

Post-Typhoon Haiyan Mental Health Risk Assessment and Intervention

The Pioneering Services to Children with Special Education Needs in Kindergartens

B) Community Service

Our faculty members participate actively in various kinds of community service which in general refers to service undertaken on a voluntary basis for international, regional and local councils, boards, committees as published normally in the HK Government Civil and Miscellaneous list; committees and working parties of government departments; quasi-governmental organization for international, regional and local councils, boards, committees/working groups of government departments. For details, please visit the HKU Scholarship Hub.