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Normative Data Book

Neuropsychological Measures: Normative Data for Chinese, Second Edition (Revised) by Tatia MC Lee and Kai Wang

Neuropsychological Measures: Normative Data for Chinese, Second Edition (Revised) is now available for psychologists (clinicians and researchers in practice) only.

Publisher: Laboratory of Neuropsychology, The University of Hong Kong

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Following the success of Normative Data: Neuropsychological Measures for Hong Kong Chinese, published in year 2003, this book, Neuropsychological Measures: Normative Data for Chinese, has extended the coverage to include normative data for both Cantonese-speaking (Part I) and Mandarin-speaking (Part II) Chinese people. It attempts to provide a reference of local, self-serving normative test information based on various neuropsychological measures. Its intended audience is professionals in clinical as well as research settings in Greater China.

The authors’ goal has been to meet the need for a set of normative test data on neuropsychological measures conducted on a local population in Hong Kong and Mainland China. The data provided in this book represent a collective contribution of a large-scale Chinese sample made up of individuals from all walks of life in the general population. The various neuropsychological measures cover different areas, namely attention, memory, visuo-spatial function, and verbal-non-verbal fluency function. These four major areas were selected because they are the neuropsychological abilities of the most frequent concern to professionals. Also, the different tests used to examine these areas have, to the best of our knowledge, rarely been systematically reported on in studies of normative data on members of the local community…” (extracted from book)

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Neuropsychological Measures: Normative Data for Chinese, Second Edition (Revised)