About Us | Institute of Clinical Neuropsychology HKU

Who we are

    The Institute of Clinical Neuropsychology (ICN) was established in September 2002. The Brain and Emotional Health Clinic offers clinical services including neurocognitive assessments for patients suffering from neurological disorders or brain diseases, and clinical psychological assessments for patients presenting with psychological concerns. Our Research and Development aspires to conduct translational research that provides evidence-based treatment protocols for effective neurorehabilitation services.

What we do

We do research on human brains and we offer clinical psychology services.


We study how the brain allows us to think, feel and behave, and develop evidence-based treatment protocols to support patients with neurological and psychological disorders. We work in collaboration with different community partners, including the hospital authority and local NGOs. All proceeds at ICN go directly to support our clinical research. Visit our research projects for updates on our recent work.


Clinical Psychology Service

We offer Comprehensive Neuropsychological Assessment, Clinical Psychological Assessment and Psychological Consultation and Psychotherapy.